7-08-2015 Rattle That Lock Single Release - BBC Radio2
David Gilmour will appear live on the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast show with Chris Evans this Friday 7.17. His new song Rattle That Lock will be played in full, and David is expected to reveal some long awaited album and tour information. The same day Friday July 17th Rattle That Lock will be released as a digital single on Itunes with a compact disc being released by Amazon and other outlets. The Chris Evans show can be streamed here. 

6-6-2015 "Rattle That Lock" and 2016 U.S. Tour
On location for 'Louder Than Words', a discussion between David Gilmour, and Polly Samson about the pair's songwriting partnership at the 2015 Borris House Festival. The highlights of this event was David confirming a 2016 North American tour and naming the album "Rattle that Lock". David told of waiting at train stations in France, and before each announcement, there would be a 4  or 5 note 'jingle', which he really liked. He would stand on the platform, with his iPhone, waiting for the jingle. He brought it home and it became a 'riff' for 'Rattle That Lock'. Asked of his lyric writing, he answered "It's not something I'm comfortable with. I would love to find that key which opens the door to writing".​

10-2014 David Gilmour Confirms New Album and Tour

How far are you along on your new solo album?  "It's coming along very well, actually. There's a lot of very, very well done sketches that are not finished yet. Some of them will be started again. There's a few  months work in it yet. I'm hoping  to get it out this following year. Is the sound and vibe similar to the last one? {Laughing} It's a bit of a departure in places ." Are you going to tour behind it? Yeah. I'm hoping to do a bit of a tour, an old  man's  tour. Not a 200 dates sort  of  thing. What kind of venues are you going to play? You played Radio City Music Hall the last time you were in New York when you could have easily played Madison Square Garden. "That's what I was saying before.  The  huge  scale and size of Pink Floyd was something I wanted to gently back away from a bit. I wanted to make these things more personal and more manageable. This time, to be honest, I'm not intending to play vast places, though I'm sure  people  will  try and persuade me otherwise. But, you know. Radio City Music Hall sounds like the right sort of vibe for me". - Andy Greene, Rolling Stone Magazine. - David Gilmour Rattle That Lock, September 2015.

10-2014 David Gilmour New Solo Album Includes Rick Wright:

In a interview with BBC Music 6 David Gilmour "This is the last thing that will be out from us I am pretty certain there will not be a follow up to this". Gilmour did mention more Rick Wright material could be released and confirmed a new David Gilmour solo album is in the works. David said "I have a little bit of Rick playing from my solo stuff that will hopefully appear on my next solo album" . The direct quotes from Gilmour can be found here until we locate the BBC version.   

10-2014 Ben Watt Labels New David Gilmour Demos "Amazing":

In a recent interview via the BBC Ben Watt reveals hearing David Gilmour's new album Demos. Ben was a guest at a publishers party for his new book Romany and Tom of which David and Polly attended. The two were introduced as musicians  and David quickly asked Ben if he wanted to hear some of his demo work. Ben mentions the first track he listened to was "Amazing" and unlike anything he ever heard before being a combination of field recordings and studio work. The entire  interview can be heard here with the discussion about David starting at about 12.50. Note: BBC clips are moved often, if we do not have the current location correct visit here and locate the 16 Minute Ben Watt Interview.

11-2013: The Graham Nash Video Interview: 

A interview on Needle Time with Neil McCormick via Vintage.tv (12min 50sec), Nash said, “I’m leaving here and taking the train to Brighton to go and sing with David Gilmour on his new record. No ones… we’re not charging anybody. What the  hell would it cost you to have David Crosby and Graham Nash getting on a bloody train to Brighton to sing with you? We are musicians! We love good songs. We will sing them until we are dead.” This video has mysteriously disappeared from the  internet including here on the Vintage.tv website. The players that do remain scattered around the internet state "The account associated with this video has been terminated due to notifications of copyright infringement." Please Contact us with  digital copies or links.

10-2013 Polly Samson Tweet:  

Polly Samson posted on twitter that Graham Nash and David Crosby was in David Gilmour's studio recording vocals. The live tweet was "Crosby and Nash in the studio tonight singing like birds A privilege as ever to hear them. *bit teary*" This  quote can still be confirmed on twitter here

7-2013: Phil Taylor + Andy Jackson Confirm Recording: 

Guitar Tech Phil Taylor and Andy Jackson made comments on effectrode's website here about David recording. David's long standing guitar tech said David is happy with his new Helios guitar effects pedal. Phil Taylor said, “I think the Helios is  really good – I had Andy Jackson down for tests in the studio yesterday and he thought the same. Can I please get another one asap – this week if poss or beginning of next week. I want to replace the pedal in the control room set up with it before  David starts recording. 

4-2013 Phil Manzanera Interview:

In a interview with High 50 about Roxy's Musics 40th anniversary for Of Your Pleasure concert at The Chiswick close friend and collaborating musician Phil Manzanera was quoted "There’s going to be a new David Gilmour album  at some  point".  The complete interview can be read here.

​​The critically acclaimed new David Gilmour album "Rattle That Lock" was released on September 18 2015. Reaching number one on the charts in 16 countries 'Rattle That Lock' is receiving 5 star reviews from critics and fans alike. The album is available as a  Standard CD edition with clothbound, foil-blocked cover, including a 22-page booklet. Also available is a heavyweight vinyl, a digital download and a deluxe box edition, which will include 4 Barn Jam films, 4 non-album audio tracks, 4 documentaries, and 2 promo clips. Available on CD+DVD or Blu-Ray will include 2 hardback books, a double-sided poster, a postcard and a David Gilmour plectrum. All digital formats are currently available on Itunes..

​07.14.2016 David Gilmour Plans More Studio Work

David Gilmour confirmed more studio work is planned following his tour in a recent BBC interview with Matt Everitt regarding the David Gilmour Live at Pompeii concert. When asked about the future David replied "I don't know exactly where we will go from here but, when this tour ends  I will be back in the studio  moving forward, always moving forward".: The entire BBC radio 6 Music interview with David Gilmour can be listened too here.

09.25.2015 Rattle That Lock Topping The Charts
David Gilmour's Rattle That Lock album has now topped the album charts in 11 countries, as well as reaching No. 1 in the iTunes charts of 16 countries. The latest list includes: #1 in the UK, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, and New Zealand; #2: Germany, Australia, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Canada; #3: Finland; #4: Japan; and #5: the USA, and Greece. The album also peaked at #1 in the iTunes charts of Chile, Italy, Bulgaria, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Egypt, Bolivia, Luxembourg, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, and Slovakia.

​​​​​​​​​​09.18.2015 Rattle That Lock Released

David Gilmour's highly anticipated new album 'Rattle That Lock' was released on September 18, 2015 in all formats. The Standard CD edition with a clothbound, foil-blocked cover, including a 22-page booklet. A heavyweight Vinyl LP edition, a digital download and a deluxe box edition, which will include 4 Barn Jam films, 4 non-album audio tracks, 4 documentaries, and 2 promo clips. Available on CD+DVD or Blu-Ray will include 2 hardback books, a double-sided poster, a postcard and a David Gilmour plectrum. 

7-28-2015 A Second New David Gilmour Album Planned

Uncut Magazine released a feature interview of David Gilmour regarding Rattle That Lock and Pink Floyd. Many important news items were revealed including David working on another new album planned to be released in the near future. "And I've got another record on the go. Rattle That Lock came out of a font of stuff so I don't think it will be that long before another one comes out. I've got the best part of another album stewing away." David is also clearly pleased with the album saying "I dont want to overplay it but I think this is the best thing I have done. Probably ever. Its very easy to be deluded, but I think its very good." Uncut Magazine Recap

David Gilmour New Album

1. 5 A.M. (Gilmour)

2. Rattle That Lock  (Gilmour/Samson/Boumendil)
3. Faces Of Stone (Gilmour)
4. A Boat Lies Waiting (Gilmour/Samson)
5. Dancing Right In Front Of Me (Gilmour)
6. In Any Tongue (Gilmour/Samson)
7. Beauty (Gilmour)
8. The Girl In The Yellow Dress (Gilmour/Samson)
9. Today (Gilmour/Samson)
10. And Then... (Gilmour)

David Gilmour Tour Dates