This special one-off event was filmed by Aubrey 'Po' Powell with 100% broadcast live on Polish TV channel TVP2. Leszek Mozdzer with orchestra joined David live in Freedom Square, in front of the National Forum of Music.  A 30 minute interview with David Gilmour followed the concert at 11pm. 50% of this event is available to watch for a short time using the video feeds on this page.

On June 25,2016 David Gilmour played live at Freedom Square in Wrocław, A  live local televised broadcast of the entire event was aired on TVP2 from 21:45-23:00. David joined by special guest Leszek Mozdzer played his new album Rattle That Lock and various Pink Floyd classics.

1: 5 A.M.                                              
2. Rattle That Lock 
3. Faces Of Stone
4. Wish You Were Here 
5. What do You Want From Me
6. A boat Lies Waiting

7. The Blue
8. Money
9. Us and Them 
10. In any Tongue
11. High Hopes
12. One of These Days
13. Shine on you Crazy Diamond
14. Dancing Right in Front of Me
15. On an Island
16. The Girl in the Yellow Dress
17.​ Sorrow
18. Run Like Hell
19. Time - Breathe
20. Comfortably Numb